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Vocational Related Qualifications

London Fancy Box are committed to Continuous Improvement & Best Practice and were keen to ensure the workforce really understood the benefits and were competent to apply key Business Improvement Techniques.

London Fancy Box is delighted to have had a 100% pass rate for all 14 members of their staff that went on the VRQ training course.

Michael Juke, Chairman
"The 20 week experience on BIT training gave not only theoretical and practical lessons in ‘world class techniques’ but also exposed the multi-functional team to a wider range of colleagues, with their own respective issues and experiences. They have returned to their jobs determined to carry forward the lessons learned and have presented to their Directors three projects they are sure will make a difference and provide examples to others. The company’s challenge is to build on this development by using individual participants to provide ‘bite sized’ training packages to their colleagues. Working with Optimorph was a pleasure and we will continue to use their expertise to help our continuous improvement objectives."

Laurence Williams
• Built strong working relationships with people on the course.
• Learned to analyse what motivates people and how to respond to this.
• I can now view processes in a different way, allowing me to look for further improvements.
• 5S can be implemented anywhere as a basis for any lean activities.

Craig Struby and Dan Burvill
• Overall the course was delivered professionally, clearly and in a way that we felt that everyone including the tutors were a member of the team.
• We liked the fact that the course was delivered in a relaxed way and that we still were able to complete the work and pass the tests.
• When we start in our new roles we hope to be able to apply the principles we have learnt to the area in which we will be working. We will also hopefully be able to show others the key information about the implementation of 5s.

Ashley Grant
• Since learning about the continuous improvement techniques such as 5’s, I feel I am more conscious about being organised and tidy in work and at home.
• The course was kept interesting by the use of group exercises and discussions.

William Blunt
• The groups energy has aided in my involvement in team activities
• I now have a deeper understanding of how to deal with people
• I also have a greater knowledge of where both time, and money, can be saved
• I have learnt how operations can be stream-lined.

Paul Prunty and Andrew Darrall
• We now do actually work better as Team Members and the course has inspired us to look at the changes we can implement within the company we work.
• Health and Safety was covered really well and we found this both interesting and appropriate to our own workplace.
• The course was delivered in a professional and “relaxed” manner that enabled us to learn at an appropriate pace.

Sam Reader
• I have learnt what kind of person I am when working and when working under pressure
• I know the correct techniques to apply 5S In the work place.
• It has also helped me to learn why 5S is important.

Sharon Stoakes
• It has given me insight into areas that could be further improved that would benefit the company as a whole
• I have enjoyed working with people I wouldn’t normally have worked with.
• I thought the relaxed atmosphere in the classroom was great.

Zeta Hayden
• I can utilise what I have been learning as a foundation for my aspirations
• I have gained great knowledge in how to deal with people and situations
• I find the style of learning and putting the methods into practice most enjoyable.