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Performance Coaching

When did you last ask yourself these questions?

What are my most important needs just now?
What are my most important goals?
What blocks, obstacles or challenges are getting in the way?
Have I reached my full potential?

If you are looking to improve leadership, decision-making, relationships, creativity, stress, time management or confidence levels within yourself, your teams or key individuals within your business then performance coaching is the answer.

Performance Coaching is on-the-job experiential learning and provides an opportunity to develop role models in your own organisation.

Optimorph has coached a wide range of individuals from Managing Directors, Senior Management Teams through to 'Fast Track' high performers and Premier League football players. We focus on helping people tap into their greatest assest - their mind we then couple that with 'Best Practice' to help them achieve excellent results.

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“The biggest untapped and untrained area of an athlete is their mind”
Steve Redgrave

In the sporting context performance coaching can be used to address many performance issues including
• Lapses in concentration
• Pre-performance anxiety
• Poor motivation
• Loss of confidence and ability
• Negative mental attitude and self talk

Performance coaching will ensure the mind and body are working together to deliver the very best of performance.

Performance coaching forms part of a clubs overall training strategy and hence full confidentiality is assured.