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NVQ Business Improvement Techniques (BIT)
The NVQ in BIT programme is aimed at any company (not just manufacturing) looking for performance improvement. The approach we have taliored provides a cost effective way to implement tangible business improvements, upskill your staff and create a common language and motivating vision for 'change'.
BIT demonstrates how by identifying and eliminating waste (time, resource and materials), enhancing teamwork, managing quality, improving your critical 'Value Add' processes, can and will dramatically improve business performance.

Mandatory course topics include;
• Contributing to Effective Team Work
• Workplace Organisation (5S)
• Continuous Improvement Techniques (Kaizen)
• Visual Management
• Statutory Health and Safety requirements

There is also a range of optional modules such as Problem Solving, Standard Operating Procedures, Value Stream Mapping which you can select to best suit your business needs and current priorities

Improvements to your business will include:
• reduced costs and waste leading to maximised profits
• development of a company culture that is focused on continuous improvement
• improved employee morale and motivation
• assistance with recruitment and retaining employees
• a safer, more organised workplace that helps to reduce workplace accidents
• demonstrate the capabilities of your staff to potential clients
• a more competitive organisation

The training allows employees to:
• gain a nationally recognised qualification
• learn theoretical and practical business improvement techniques
• have formally recognised skills

There are training funding streams available - please call us to find out more

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