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Is your business constantly fire fighting?

Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis




With all the demands placed on a busy work environment, problem solving can often stop too early in the process resulting in a ‘sticking plaster’ solution. This may mean that the real root cause of the issue has not been correctly identified and appropriate remedial actions have not been implemented.

The consequence?

The issues keep recurring and safety, quality, time and outputs are impacted.

There are a number of easy to use tools and techniques that can be used to quickly ensure a more robust and standardised approach is adopted when problem solving.

What will delegates learn?
• The importance of defining the problem
• Short term containment
• Data gathering
• Brain storming
• Fish bone diagrams
• Pareto
• Evaluating solutions
• Implementation
• Plan/Do/Review

This is a one day workshop suitable for anyone involved with HSE, quality, production or business support issues and processes.

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