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To achieve ‘World Class’ the workplace must first ‘get organised’

Workplace Organisation - 5S

5S (also known as 5C's and CAN-DO)

The 5S’s are a highly successful technique to promote clean, organised and disciplined working environments, which by themselves are more efficient and result in ‘visual control’ and area ownership. 5S also provides the perfect foundation for more advanced lean manufacturing techniques.

WorkPlace Shadow Boards

These techniques have been predominately used in factory and production environments but over the past 3 years the benefits of this approach in admin, office and all business support functions is now widely recognised.

What will delegates learn?
• What 5S is and the advantages the technique brings
• How to reduce or eliminate the 8 business wastes
• Basic process mapping
• The power of visual control
• The importance of standardising work activities
• How to maintain standards


This course can be delivered as a half day bite size training session to ensure your teams and workforce understand the technique and more importantly the benefits of 5S.

Alternatively a full 1 day session can be delivered to train your team leaders and managers on how to launch, engage staff and manage 5S improvement projects.

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