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Motivational Drivers and Team Dynamics

Have you ever wondered why some people in your organisation...

• Thrive in certain types of working activity, but will tend to flounder in others?
• Relish team based work whilst others prefer to work alone?
• Create productive work relationships easily with all their colleagues, whilst others seem to run into conflicts without even trying?


The issues which sit behind the above questions confront, and challenge managers and business leaders every single working day.

Like tangible business process problems, motivational problems will create waste and add cost to an organisation but unlike business process issues, motivational problems are always hidden and complex. Their basis will be different for each individual and of a highly personal nature, challenging the management capabilities of even the most progressive manager and business leader.

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Through a simple psychometric profiling tool using the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) this workshop will help you understand your own motivation and associated behaviours, minimise conflict and recognise how to maximise interactions with others.

What will delegates learn?
• What motivates you and why you behave the way you do
• Overplayed and neglected strengths
• How to minimise and resolve conflict leading to more win-win outcomes
• How to maximise feedback and delegation skills to ensure successful outcomes
• The impact of different motivations on team dynamics

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