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Experimental Training

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Experiential Training & Team Building

We offer a number of hands on learning exercises by replicating situations in the work place. The sessions create genuine, tangible issues that provide the basis for individual and team learning.

Through their involvement in assigned tasks participants work on situations and develop outcomes similar to those encountered at work.

Activities and post exercise reviews encourage participants to analyse their performance and think through the impact of their actions.

Through these facilitated sessions the group develop a greater understanding of what happened and why, and how they as individuals, team members or leaders could have been more effective.

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These sessions can be designed as a half or full day workshop or integrated into team meetings or away days.

The available sessions differ in content, duration and difficulty and would be tailored to suit needs following a discussion on current issues or desired learning objectives.

Popular sessions include Communication, Performance Management, Problem Solving, Business Priorities & Team Working. This is not an exhaustive list and we have experiential workshops to meet most business needs and scenarios.

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